Customer Service Supervisor

Agata Suleyman


Agata knows everything there is to know about self employment uk. For each of our self-employed clients, she produces an annual self assessment tax return. Agata registers anybody who wants to start a job “on their own” and gives them advice on what to seek. Every client will also receive answers to questions such as: What can I include in self assessment deductions? She also handles the current account for sole trader. Agata has no trouble with VAT registration uk or preparing VAT return. She is really versatile; thus, she will be able to assist you in filling out any documents while also representing the customer in offices. She does not waste time.


She is a bookworm who enjoys a good movie, adores Wales and prefers to spend her time there. She is a die-hard Premier League fan who watches every game and has a complete understanding of what ‘offside’ means.