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Where Can I Find my UTR Number, Employer’s Reference, and Accounts Office Reference Number?

Where Can I Find my UTR Number

Have you been looking to find your UTR number, employer’s reference, and accounts office reference numbers? If these are required for your tax submissions and you’re not quite sure where to find them, don’t worry. They’re pretty easy to find. With this thought in mind, we’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about your UTR number as follows. Hopefully, this will allow you to easily find your UTR number (and other important information).

Where Can I Find my UTR Number? 

You can find your UTR number on any previous tax returns that you have submitted. Alternatively, your UTR number should also be shown there if you have any documents from HMRC. If you do not have access to these documents or a previous tax return, you can contact the Self Assessment Helpline to resend a copy of this. However, this will be sent by post for security purposes. As such, there can be a delay of around two weeks before this arrives.

Don’t worry if it’s an old letter or copy of your tax return. Since your UTR number doesn’t change, the age of your reference document won’t matter.

UTR numbers are provided for both individuals working as self-employed and for businesses. However, if you have a business and also work self-employed, you will likely have two distinct UTR numbers.

Where Can I Find my Employer’s Reference?

If you need your employer’s reference number or ERN, this is easy to find on many documents. The most common way to find this number is by looking at your payslips, P45, or P60. Your employer’s reference number should also be provided in the yellow booklet you receive when registering as an employer.

Where Can I Find my Accounts Office Reference Number?

Your accounts office reference number is sent to you when you originally registered as an employer; it’s potentially a good idea to keep a copy of this information for future reference.

When are These Numbers Required?

Generally speaking, all three of these numbers are required when submitting tax returns or PAYE payments. This will depend on the type of tax return you are completing. It is important to keep in mind here that these numbers are unique to your business.

Getting a replacement copy of these numbers is usually possible if you have misplaced the original documentation. However, this can be a somewhat long-winded process.

You may have to wait around two weeks before your number reminder arrives since this is done by post for security rather than by email. Accordingly, starting tax returns or PAYE payments is always advisable with several weeks to spare before the deadline comes up. This allows time to wait for a new number to arrive, just in case there’s an issue with finding your own UTR number, employer’s reference, or accounts office reference number.

Where Can I Find my UTR Number -Final Thoughts

Have you been looking to find your UTR number, employer’s reference, and accounts office reference number? If so, there’s a lot to consider – but luckily, these are pretty simple to find. Still, while finding this information is pretty easy, actually completing your tax returns can be much more complex. As a result, if you’re feeling concerned about this, don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at Lider Tax today. We’re here to make submitting your tax returns a breeze!