Company Director

Agnieszka Mackojć


Agnieszka makes sure that everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Until recently, she herself kept accounting records for many clients. Unfortunately, these days it is more and more difficult to find time for it. However, she still loves talking to clients and has a lot of patience with them. Leading Lidertax for over 10 years, she has created a thriving company with two offices that not so long ago were only a one-man business run from home. And it does not stop there, she is constantly educating herself and looking for new ways of development.


Agnieszka happily relaxes in the embrace of nature, exploring intriguing parts of the United Kingdom. She unwinds whilst cooking. She enjoys listening and reading books. A fantastic movie and a board game with a glass of red wine is something that she always looks forward to and she slowly but gradually warms up to the idea of going to the gym.